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Certification Overview

The PMI-ACP certification recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices, and tools and techniques across agile methodologies, not simply limiting a practitioner to one agile approach.


Who should apply?


• Have experience leading or working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies

• Have training in agile practices


Professional work experience

2,000 hours working on project teams within the last five years.


1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies within the last three years.


Top five reasons to earn a PMI certification:

1. Credibility: Provide an unbiased and reliable means to validate your domain knowledge and professional experience. For over 30 years, PMI has offered certification and is a globally recognized leader in the industry.

2. Transferability: PMI certification is not tied to any one specific methodology, industry, or region. A PMI certification can move and adapt with your career.

3. Competitive advantage: Be more marketable. Many certification holders achieve salary increases, career advancement opportunities and employer recognition.

4. Commitment: Emphasize your commitment to professional growth. By earning and maintaining a PMI certification, you continue to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities.

5. Relevance: Demonstrate your relevance with certifications that are developed by practitioners, upheld by rigorous standards, based on ongoing research and always reflect current industry practices.

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