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Course Description

The Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) Program prepares IT professionals for careers in cyber security. The program consists of topical areas dealing with computer security management, incident response, and cyber security threat assessment, which require students to be the creators of knowledge and inventors of cyber security processes, not merely users of information. Additionally, students will receive instruction in leadership and management in preparation for becoming cyber security leaders, managers, and directors.


Key Outcomes

The key outcomes that the candidate will learn on the successful completion of the course are the following:

  • Application of cyber security technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for a customer or client

• Adherence to a high standard of cyber security ethical behaviour

• Use of research in both established venues and innovative applications to expand the body of knowledge in cyber security

• Application of principles of critical thinking to creatively and systematically solve the problems and meet the challenges of the everchanging environments of cyber security

• Mastery of the skills necessary to move into cyber security leadership roles in companies, agencies, divisions, or departments



• ECCU 500 Managing Secure Network Systems

• MGMT 502 Business Essentials

• ECCU 501 Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures

• ECCU 502 Investigating Network Intrusions and Computer Forensics

• ECCU 503 Security Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

• ECCU 504 Foundations of Organizational Behaviour for the IT Practitioner

• ECCU 505 Introduction to Research and Writing for the IT Practitioner

• ECCU 506 Conducting Penetration and Security Tests

• ECCU 507 Linux Networking and Security

• ECCU 509 Securing Wireless Networks

• ECCU 510 Secure Programming

• ECCU 511 Global Business Leadership

• ECCU 512 Beyond Business Continuity

• ECCU 513 Disaster Recovery

• ECCU 514 Quantum Leadership

• ECCU 515 Project Management in IT Security

• ECCU 516 The Hacker Mind: Profiling the IT Criminal

• ECCU 517 Cyber Law

• ECCU 518 Special Topics

• ECCU 519 Capstone

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