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Course Description

EC-Council University’s Graduate Certificate Program focuses on the necessary information for assuring professionals who desire to become managers, directors, and CIOs. Students will experience not only specialized technical training in a variety of IT security areas, but will also acquire an understanding of organizational structure and behaviour, the skills to work within and across that organizational structure, and the ability to analyse and navigate its hierarchy successfully. Each certification course targets skills and understandings specific to particular roles in the IT security framework of an organization. The certificates can be taken singly or as a progressive set of five, each building on the one before it to move students from IT practitioner skill levels to IT executive skill levels.

Key Outcomes

The key outcomes that the candidate will learn on the successful completion of the course are the following:

• Preparation for industry recognized certifications

• NSA program mappings

• Executive leadership development

• Masters level education

• Promoting critical thinking

• Ethical practice

• Scholarship & research

Course Outline

• Security Analyst

• Enterprise Security Architect

• Digital Forensics

• Incident Management and Business Continuity

• Executive Leadership in Information Assurance

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