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Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security (BSCS) provides students with the knowledge of careers in cyber security and assurance. The program consists of topical areas dealing with computer security management, incident response, and security threat assessment, etc.

Key Outcomes

The key outcomes that the candidate will learn on the successful completion of the course are the following:

• Knowledge and hands-on experience in various foundational cyber security concepts

• Some of the key topics include security management and incident response, security threat assessment and risk management, legal and regulatory issues and compliance

• Cyber defence and cyber warfare, implementation of security controls, and auditing

• Capstone Project


• CIS 300 Fundamentals of Information Systems Security

• CIS 301 Legal Issues in Cyber Security

• CIS 302 Managing Risk in Information Systems

• CIS 303 Security Policies and Implementation Issues

• CIS 304 Auditing IT Infrastructures for Compliance

• CIS 308 Access Control

• CIS 401 Security Strategies in Windows Platforms and Applications

• CIS 402 Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications

• CIS 403 Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs

• CIS 404 Hacker Techniques, Tools, and Incident Handling

• CIS 405 Internet Security: How to Defend Against Online Attackers

• CIS 406 System Forensics, Investigation, and Response

• CIS 407 Cyberwarfare

• CIS 408 Wireless and Mobile Device Security

• CIS 410 Capstone Course

• COM 340 Communication and Technical Writing

• MTH 350 Introduction to Statistics

• PSY 360 Social Psychology

• BIS 430 Ethics for the Business Professional

• ECN 440 Principles of Microeconomics

• MGT 450 Introduction to Project Management

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