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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) is the ideal certification course for those technical professionals who wish to remain immersed in technology as opposed to managing cybersecurity policy and frameworks.


Where is this in the CompTIA Career Pathway?

The CompTIA Career Pathways allow IT professionals to achieve vendor-neutral infrastructure and mastery in the cybersecurity domain.



  • Research, Development & Collaboration
  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Technical Integration of Enterprise Security
  • Enterprise Security Operations


Top CASP+ Job Roles

• Security Architect

• Application Security Engineer

• Technical Lead Analyst

• Security Engineer



This course is for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of information security to apply more advanced principles. Students will also get the opportunity to apply their critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement sustainable security measures that help in a lot of organizational strategies like:

  • Translate business needs into security requirements
  • Support IT governance and risk management
  • Architect security for hosts, networks, and software
  • Respond to security incidents and more.

Student Guide Lesson Overview

  1. Supporting IT Governance and Risk Management
  2. Leveraging Collaboration to Support Security
  3. Integrating Advanced Authentication and Authorization
  4. Implementing Cryptographic Techniques
  5. Implementing Security Controls for Hosts
  6. Conducting Security Assessments
  7. Responding to and Recovering from Incidents
  8. Implementing Security in the Systems and Software
  9. Development Lifecycle
  10. Implementing Security Controls for Mobile Devices
  11. Integrating Assets in a Secure Enterprise Architecture
  12. Implementing Network Security
  13. Using Research and Analysis to Secure the Enterprise

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